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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at my first appointment?

Your osteopath will take a thorough case history including details of your presenting complaint, your medical history and any medication you may be taking. You will then be asked to undress to your underwear in order that a postural assessment and examination can be made (appropriate gym kit or gown may be worn if you prefer). You are welcome to bring a chaperone to your appointment. You may also be given neurological, orthopedic or circulatory examinations (reflexes, blood pressure etc) to aid the diagnosis.

What does treatment involve?

Osteopaths use their hands to assess areas of weakness, tenderness, restriction or strain. Treatment involves releasing and relaxing muscles and stretching stiff joints by using a variety of techniques including gentle massage, stretches and rhythmic movements and manipulations. If appropriate, acupuncuture may also be used however all treatment options will be fully discussed. Some advice on posture and exercises may also be given.

Will it hurt?

Taking a thorough case history and assessing your posture gives the osteopath a guide as to how much pain you are in. Treatment is then adapted to your particular problem and therefore should not cause pain. However, sometimes after soft tissue massage and manipulation patients can experience some soreness for 1-2 days. This is part of the body’s normal healing process.

How many treatments will I need?

This depends on the type of injury and how long you have had it for. Most patients experience a decrease in their symptoms within one or two treatments, whereas others will require a short course of four to six to fully recover. Some patients then decide to have occasional ongoing preventative treatment.

Do I need a GP referral?

Osteopathy is a primary health care profession so you do not need a GP referral (unless required by your insurance company).

Where can I find out more about osteopathy?

Below is a list of websites that have useful information regarding osteopathy and it's treatments:

General Osteopathic Council


University College of Osteopathy


Institute of Osteopathy


The National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)


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